PatchSee DirectPatch

PatchSee Big Lengths RJ45 Cables

10 Gigabit/s applications - UTP or FTP



Data Centers

  • Direct links between servers and commuters (flexibility)
  • Instant identification of strategic links
  • Thanks to our identification solution which combines rapidity and security, you will increase the availability of your equipments and services
  • Small profile connector so as to :
    • adapt to highly congested ports (switches, servers...) 
    • increase the density of ports per rack
  • Colour coding PatchClip in order to :
    • visually differentiate your servers, your networks, racks or applications (citrix, web etc...)
    • ease the access to RJ45 connectors in highly congested environments 
    • protect the locking latch of the RJ45 during manipulations
  • Compatible with all IT equipments
  • Marking of the reference and length on the boot

8 lengths from 6.1 m to 30 m as standard, up to 50 m on specific request




Feet 20 26 32 40 50 66 82 100
m 6.1 7.9 9.7 12.2 15.2 20 25 30



Technical data


  • Compliant with EIA/TIA 568-B2.2-1 & ISO 11801 Cat. 6a norms and standards
  • Tested and validated as 10 Gigabit/s "channel" link according to TIA Cat. 6a & ISO Classe Ea 25N1255 drafts
  • Quality testing :
    • electrical check and transmission of light : 100% testing 
    • recording of the tests on database 
    • identification of the cables with unique serial number
  • Available in UTP and FTP 100 Ohms
  • Decrease of the bending radius effect thanks to metal spring
  • Plastic cross web for UTP cable and pair by pair shielding for FTP cable
  • PVC sheath for UTP cables and Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSOH) sheath for FTP cables



  • Product part numbers and packaging



  • PCI6-DPU/x for category 6a UTP RJ45 cables, x = length in feet
  • PCI6-DPF/x for category 6a FTP RJ45 cables, x = length in feet
  • Packaging : by unit.